A delivery will transition through different states during its life cycle. The meaning of these statuses are described in the table below.

Status Description
draft: A draft is created with the main information of the delivery. It is a not scheduled delivery without a fare and time window selected.
scheduled: The delivery is scheduled for a future time. An operator can merge the delivery with others in a route, or leave the system to process it.
processing: The delivery request is being processed. At this moment the delivery can be routed with more deliveries depending on the time windows.
broadcasting: The delivery is broadcasted to the nearest and available courier.
assigned: The delivery was assigned to an specific courier. Waiting for his response. If is not confirmed after a period of time the status changes to broadcasting.
confirmed_to_pickup: A courier confirms to pick up the delivery task and is en route to the pickup location.
at_pickup: The courier is at the pickup location.
on_delivery: The courier has picked up the item and is on route to the dropoff location. Is the in_transit
at_dropoff: The courier is at the dropoff location.
completed: The delivery has been successfully completed.
canceled: This delivery was canceled by the API client.
returning: The courier is returning the delivery to the pickup location. We will calculate this if the driver confirms a return trip.
returned: The delivery has been successfully returned to the pickup location.
hold_by_courier: The items carried by the courier are in a mobile warehouse until next delivery intent.

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