Shippify API can be integrated in any e-commerce platform with tools or components that will help your store interact with our system. We have front end components like the Widget and backend tools like the


Widget will allow any e-commerce provide simple front end UX to their customers to help them fill the right information to fulfill a delivery. The widget solves a lot of problems regarding the delivery location definition. When a customers defines their delivery location they are also selecting a latitude and longitude.

The widget creates an order of delivery with the order information defined by the e-commerce platform and a payload structure of a delivery task . The order has an status of confirm or not confirmed.

When an order is confirmed then a task is created and therefore dispatched to Shippify community.

Inbound Orders Extension (Drafts)

This is basically a web view that can be embedded in the back office of any platform. The idea is to manage all the inbound orders that come from your customers in the store . You can filter the incoming orders so you can only list the ones you need to import to Shippify.

This web extension gives a back office tool to the e-commerce admin to decide what order to dispatch to Shippify, allowing them to verify payment confirmations and warehouse packaging before creating a delivery task in our system.

Check Orders API to understand more about what this entity means in our system.


Platforms that we currently support

Platforms we are currently working on

  • Jumpseller
  • Woocommerce

3rd party SDK and libraries

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